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Remote Access

Longwood students, faculty and staff may access the Library’s restricted subscription database services from off campus using any commercial Internet service provider (ISP). Off-campus access to restricted resources is limited to current Longwood students, faculty, and staff.

How to Access Library Databases from Off-campus

  1. When you attempt to access a Library database, you will be directed to a blue login page.
  2. Enter your LancerNet ID and Password and click the “Login Now” button.
  3. For some browsers, you may be prompted about proceeding with a secure connection. If so, please indicate that you do want to proceed.
  4. Once you are validated, you may move between restricted databases without interruption. Your session will remain active for one hour or until you next start your web browser.

Example of the Remote Access Login Page

Please direct questions concerning connecting and IDs /passwords for this service, including receiving a “Bad Username or Password” status error, to the User Support Services Help Desk at 434.395.4357.

For questions regarding how to search a database, please ask a librarian.

Troubleshooting Access Errors

  • Use an up-to-date browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater, Firefox 3.0 or greater, Safari 4.0 or greater, Opera 10.0 or greater are known to work. Although other browsers may work, if you experience any difficulties accessing a database, use one of the previously listed browsers. Proprietary browsers that come from providers such as AOL, Compuserve, or Walmart Connect are known to not work.
  • You must have cookies enabled in order for the proxy server to work. Enabling cookies differs from browser to browser, see aboutcookies.org for help. You may also desire to white-list “longwood.edu” in your browser so that cookies from the Longwood proxy server will always be accepted.
  • Disable Internet Explorer’s Content Advisor. To disable it, from the menu choose “Tools > Internet Options” and then click the “Content” tab. If the button says “Disable” you need to click it to disable the advisor.
  • Turn off accelerator software used with dial-up connections. Users with accelerator software running may receive a “400 Bad Request” error.
  • If you call User Support Services or the Learning Commons Desk for help, please indicate the date and time of the problem, what you were trying to access, the error you received and at what point in the process, the browser and version that you were using, and the connection speed and Internet provider you were using.