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There are many different configurations for the computers in the Library. Please inquire at The Desk if you need specific computing capabilities. In general, the following options are available. See the Library map if you need help locating them. Community users please see Community Use Policy for Library Workstations.

Internet Connectivity

Greenwood Library has wireless internet access available throughout the building. Wireless access is available only to Longwood students, faculty, and staff. See the Wireless Network Connection Instructions if you need help setting up your computer with the Longwood wireless network. All workstation computers (except catalog kiosks) have hard-wired Internet access.

The Library also has many hard-wired Internet data ports that you can plug your laptop into in the following quantities and locations.

  • 6+ data ports (Learning Commons)
  • 24 data ports (Classroom 209A)
  • 24 data ports (Classroom 209B)
  • 2 data ports (near Rm. 210)
  • 2 data ports (near Rm. 241)


As with the computer hardware configurations, there are also some differences in what software is installed on Library computers. Below are the most recent standard software packages installed on PC and Mac workstations.

PC Mac


NOTE: Since the upgrade to Windows 7, IT and The Office of Disability Resources are working to get the Accessibility software updated and installed.

Specific workstations in the Library also have special accessibility-improving software to help the visually-impaired. This software is installed on the following workstations. Please ask at the Desk if you need help locating these machines.

  • Kurzweil 3000
    • Learning Commons: Workstations #53, #62, #63, and #66
    • Student Computing Lab: Workstations #4, #10, and #17
  • Zoom Text
    • Learning Commons: Workstations #23, #53, #60, #62, #63, and #66
    • Student Computing Lab: Workstations #4, #10, and #17
  • JAWS
    • Learning Commons: Workstation #64


For help with any computers or other technology in the Library, please ask a librarian or come to The Desk.