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Text a Librarian Improved

We’ve upgraded our text a librarian service and made it even better. Now your texts will be sent and received instantly and the service has much improved stability. Note that this upgrade required us to change our texting number to 434.264.5755. However, texts sent to the previous number will still reach us for the time being.

Texting a Librarian on an iPhone

“Wild” in the Library!

LSEM Survivalists in Action

If you ever watch an episode of “Man vs. Wild” on the Discovery Channel, you’ll see Bear Grylls, adventurer and survivalist, scale slippery glaciers, trudge through rainforests, and eat various critters with a high nutritional content.  What does all of this have to do with Longwood Seminar (LSEM) students who come to the Library?  Believe it or not, our students and Bear have much in common!  Instead of encountering the outdoor wilderness, first year students are faced with the “information wild,” an uncharted landscape of new research and library-related terminology that is potentially tricky to navigate. To get them ready, we have hundreds of LSEM students participating in our mobile Library iPod challenge, Library vs. Wild.  By answering a series of questions to build core research skills and orient themselves to the Library, students build confidence while learning to be flexible and adaptable in order to meet demanding research scenarios.

How does it all work?  Students use iPod Touch devices to record answers in Evernote, an app that enables users to create, organize, and access notes and pictures on multiple synchronized devices.  While students are trekking through the Library during class, members of the Library’s instructional staff are monitoring their answers (both text and photo) in real time in the classroom. Many challenges ask students to utilize several of our mobile services, including our Library website, OneSearch, and Research Guides.  Upon completion of the challenge, we discuss student responses, answer questions, and enjoy the creativity of students!

Greenwood Library adapted this activity from North Carolina State University Libraries.  Also thanks to the Longwood Seminar students for all the great photos.