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Reserve Request Form (Word format – may be completed online and then printed)

Article URL Request Form (for direct article linking from Blackboard)

Reserve Materials Copyright Guidelines

Faculty may place personal and/or Library-owned materials on reserve for their students. Reserves may be either physical (as is the case with print and audiovisual materials), electronic, or both.

  • A completed Reserve Request Form is required for each reserve item. Copies of the form are also available at the Circulation/Reserve Desk in the Library.
  • Copyright compliance is included as part of the request form and is required for all photocopies and electronic reserves.
  • All photocopies must include the complete bibliographic citation on the photocopy itself.
  • Please allow one week (5 business days) turn-around time to process reserve items.
  • All materials not owned by the Library will be returned to the instructor at the end of the semester. Please pick up your reserve materials by the last day of exams or upon the reserve expiration date.
  • Usage statistics will be provided at the end of the semester.

Please call 395.2433 or e-mail reserves@longwood.edu if you have questions about reserves.

Physical Reserves

Physical reserves are checked out to students at the Circulation/Reserve Desk for a time period you specify:

  • Hourly: Materials may only be used in the Library. Please specify a time period of 1-hour or 3-hour.
  • Hourly/Overnight: Materials may be used in the Library. Please specify
    a time period of 1-hour or 3-hour. They may be also checked out of the Library 30 minutes before closing and returned the following day by opening time.
  • Daily: Materials may be checked out anytime and returned by closing on the due date.

If the material does not belong to the Library, we need to affix identifying labels so that it can be entered into the online catalog. If preferred, we can treat the material (except audiovisuals) for security purposes.

Electronic Reserves

Electronic reserves are available online through the library catalog. Please note the following regarding e-reserves:

  • A course password is required for each course. Students will have to enter this password to access e-reserve items.
  • The Library will scan your photocopy to PDF format and insert a copyright stamp on the first page.
  • If a journal article is available in one of the Library’s online databases that allow direct linking, the reserve item will link directly to that article instead.
  • Every effort will be made to keep the file size reasonable. An item that exceeds 1 MB may be split into multiple files.
  • Copyright compliance is required for all e-reserves.

Reserves FAQ

What materials can be placed on reserve?

  • Books, audio discs, videos, photocopies of journal articles, book chapters from the library collection. Photocopies must be clean, first generation copies (no copy of a copy), and include the complete bibliographic citation.
    • If a journal article is available online, in a database that allows direct linking, we will link directly to the online content.
  • Personally owned books, audio discs, and videos.  Audio discs and videos much be original, duplications will not be allowed
  • Instructor-produced materials (exams, lecture notes, etc.) in paper form, or as a Word, PowerPoint, or PDF file.

How do I submit the materials?

Complete the Course Reserves Request Form. Note the following:

  • A course password of your choosing is required. Choose something you and your students will remember, but not part or all of your name, the course name, or course number. You may post your course password on Blackboard, but not on your personal or course web pages.
  • Copyright compliance must be indicated by your signature for any material that you did not produce. All e-reserve files will include a copyright stamp.
  • A complete bibliographic citation must be provided on the form for any material for which you do not own the copyright. Complete citations should also appear on the material.
  • If you want the material to also be available in the Library as a print reserve item, please complete the “physical reserve” section also.

Bring the completed forms and materials to the Circulation/Reserve Desk in the Library.

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Items will be available online in 5 business days. When your material(s) are available, you will receive e-mail confirmation with your course password and the URL for the course.

How will my students access the materials?

Students can search for reserve items in the library catalog by using either your last name or the course number (e.g., BIOL 101). When a student attempts to access an e-reserve item in the catalog, they will be prompted for the course password that you’ve provided. After which, their associated PDF reader will open. The Library web site has instructions for how to access electronic reserves in Course Reserves for Students.

You can provide a direct link to your course reserves on Blackboard. When your materials are available as e-reserves, you will receive an e-mail containing your course password and the course specific URL.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about e-reserves?

For questions regarding the status of your e-reserves items, please call 395.2433 or e-mail reserves@longwood.edu.