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Collection Development

De-Selection Procedures

Collection development for the Greenwood Library is shared by the librarians and faculty. Each academic department is assigned a librarian to coordinate curricular and research collection needs and recommendations. Your librarian can provide information about the department’s allocation status.

Acquisitions Overview

After the university budget for the new fiscal year is determined, the Library determines acquisitions allocations for each department based on credit hour production and begins placing orders for books and audiovisual materials.

Please send all requests for books and audiovisual materials through your librarian. You will receive an e-mail when items you have requested have been processed and are available for check-out. Please note the following special considerations:

  • Allow 2 weeks for RUSH book requests. You will be phoned when the item is available.
  • Allow 3 weeks for RUSH audiovisual requests. You will be phoned when the item is available.
  • Submit items needed for Fall semester by August 1.
  • Submit items needed for Spring semester by November 1.
  • Pre-publication items will be ordered when they are available for purchase.
  • Out of print items and foreign publications may take longer to acquire.
  • Single items costing over $200 may depend on budget considerations.
  • Materials are ordered in conjunction with the Library’s Collection Development Policy. For example, textbooks and multiple copies are typically not acquired.

Choice Reviews Online

In January 2007, the Library discontinued its subscription to the Choice cards and began access to Choice Reviews Online. Please note the following when using this service. For more information, see Using Choice Reviews or contact your librarian.

  • Popups must be enabled for e-mail or download options.
  • You can e-mail reviews directly to your librarian.
  • You can create a personal profile to have reviews matching your criteria emailed to you each month.

Request a book, DVD or CD

Send as much publication information as possible to your librarian via e-mail, campus mail (catalog or flier pages are acceptable), or file attachment. Please indicate priority 1 or 2 on all requests and if you would like us to check on availability of an electronic book.

Request a journal

Complete the Serial Title Recommendation Form and either e-mail it or send a signed copy to your librarian. The signature of the department chair is required, and we accept a digital signature/acknowledgement if you prefer to e-mail the form to your librarian. New journal subscriptions start in January and must be requested in the spring of the preceding year for inclusion in the renewal order.

Request a database trial

Contact your librarian for information about potential online databases and trial options. Please do not contact vendors directly.

Request streaming video

Films Media Group (FMG) offers 1-year leases to many Films for the Humanities and other educational film producers for half the cost of the physical item. Browse or search the FMG catalog online. Contact your librarian to request a streaming video from FMG.