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Checkout Policies

Circulation/Reserve services at Greenwood Library are located to your right as you enter the Library. Below are some guidelines and information to help you.

Your Library Card

Longwood University students, faculty and staff use their University ID as a library card.

Community library cards can be issued to all Virginia residents, including alumni. In order to receive a community library card, you must complete an application card, present a valid Virginia driver’s license and present verification of your social security number. We require the signature and the identification (presented in-person) of a parent or guardian for users under the age of 18 who request a community library card.

State agencies and institutions are required to submit for collection, all delinquent debts owed by individuals to the Department of Taxation, Debt Setoff Unit. Therefore, disclosure of your social security number is required to use our services.

Community library cards have an expiration date of 6 months from date of issue.

Checkout Materials

You are required to present a valid University ID or community library card at The Desk to checkout Library materials.

Type of Item Loan Period
Longwood Undergraduate Students * Longwood Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff Longwood Alumni Community Users
Books 30 days 90 days 21 days 21 days
Compact Discs 5 days 5 days Not eligible Not eligible
5 days 5 days Not eligible Not eligible
Laptops 72 hours 72 hours Not eligible Not eligible
Multimedia Equipment 72 hours 72 hours Not eligible Not eligible
Textbook Depository 3 days 3 days Library Use Only Library Use Only
Periodicals Library Use Only
Reference Library Use Only
Reserve Items 1-3 hours Library Use Only / Overnight / 7 days 1-3 hours Library Use Only / Overnight / 7 days Not eligible Not eligible
Special Collections Library Use Only

* Includes Hampden-Sydney undergraduates, and Southside Community College students enrolled at Longwood.
† Includes current Hampden-Sydney and Longwood retired faculty and staff.
‡ Only 3 audiovisual items may be checked out at a time. Each CD, DVD or video counts as one item. Audiovisual items are non-renewable items.


To keep a book for another borrowing period, you can renew most items online by accessing your Library account. You can also request renewals in person at The Desk or via phone 434.395.2433.


  • To renew a book, it must be within 7 days of the due date.
  • No overdue material or outstanding fines are on your Library account.
  • Three renewals are allowed for all Longwood affiliated users. Community users are allowed one renewal.
  • Books which have requests or recalls placed on them cannot be renewed.
  • Reserve, multimedia equipment, and audiovisual items cannot be renewed.
  • Materials billed for replacement must be brought to The Desk for renewal.

Your Library Account

To access your account online, go to your Library account and follow the instructions to log on. From your Library account, you may view all materials checked out with their due dates, renew books online, view your fines, place requests on books that are checked out, and view system messages.

Though your Library account has many features, in order to best serve you, you will need to speak with a circulation assistant if you wish to place a recall, change your personal information, see fines that are currently accruing, or to see charges transferred to Cashiering.

Your account information is secure while you are logged on. However, it is very important to remember to log off at the end of each session, and to close your browser when finished.

Responsibilities of Library Users

Users are responsible for returning or renewing all materials borrowed with their library card by their due date and time. Users are prohibited by Library policy to lend their library card to others. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately. Users are responsible for notifying the Library of any change in name, address, phone number, and/or status from non-student to student.

Requesting Materials That Are Checked Out


You can “Request” a book currently checked out by another user. When it is returned to the Library, it will be available for your use. Requests merely secure the book for you when it is returned by the current user. You can request a book using the “Request” feature in the Library Catalog, in person at The Desk or via phone 434.395.2433. Only Longwood faculty, staff or students are able to place requests.

Please keep in mind that other users may also have a request on the same book. Requests for books will be accommodated based on the date of the request, with priority given to the earliest request date.


You can “Recall” a book if you need it before its current due date and the current user has had the book for at least 14 days. You can only request recalls in person at the Circulation/Reserve Desk or via phone 434.395.2433. The person who currently has the book will be asked to return it within 5 days. Only Longwood faculty, staff, or students are entitled to recall books.

A phone call will be made and a recall notice will be sent to the current user. A recalled item must be returned within the period specified on the notice; otherwise, it will be considered overdue and a fine of $5.00 per day will be charged to the current user.

The Library will notify you of books requested or recalled for your use via your Longwood e-mail account. These books will be held at The Desk for seven days. They will be returned to the collection if they are not picked up.

Returning Materials

Materials may be returned at The Desk. The Library also has a book drop for after-hours returns. However, please return any audiovisual, fragile, or loose-leaf items to the desk, to prevent damage.

Library Fines

A courtesy notice will be sent via your Longwood e-mail account three days before the due date of your books.  For books, users are given 3 days past the due date to return them without paying fines.  On the 4th day overdue, fines are assessed at $1.00 per book.  Each additional day overdue is $.25 per book.

Fines start on all other material the first hour/day they are overdue. Fines are assessed at $1.00 per hour for faculty reserves and hourly reserves.  Fines for multimedia equipment are assessed at $1.00 per hour for each item, including accessories.  Fines for daily reserves and other audiovisual materials are assessed at $1.00 a day.  The maximum fine assessed for any material is $25.00.

Notices and bills are sent out on a daily basis by e-mail and postal mail for all materials. Fines for overdue materials are not refundable. Fines can be paid in the Library with Lancer Cash or with cash or check in the Cashiering Office located in Lancaster, Room 201.

Material that is thirty days overdue will be billed with a $25.00 processing fine assessed.  Accounts delinquent over 30 days may be placed with the Virginia Department of Taxation and/or a collection agency for debt collection.  Listing with the Virginia Department of Taxation may result in the seizure of funds from a tax refund, any refund from another state agency, and/or a lottery claim.

Unpaid fines/fees will result in registration or transcript blocks for students as well as suspension of borrowing privileges. Overdue fines are not charged to faculty and staff. However, faculty and staff borrowing privileges will be suspended for users who have long-overdue items.

To find out if you have any fines, you can request a list of your fines in person at The Desk or via phone 434.395.2433. You may also view your fines online through your Library account; however, there are some limitations to this feature of the service.

Appeal Policy for Fines and Charges

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Material

You are responsible for returning or renewing all materials borrowed with your library card by the due date. When a material becomes overdue, borrowing privileges will be blocked until the material is returned.

Lost or damaged materials and lost ID or library cards should be reported as soon as possible to The Desk staff.

A bill for replacement cost and processing fee is sent immediately upon the Library learning the material is lost. Damaged material is evaluated to determine if the material can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.  A librarian determines the fee for damaged material.

Locating Materials

Missing Materials

You can ask any Library staff member to help you find a book.

If the material is not on the shelf, and not checked out in the online catalog, stop at The Desk for assistance. The material could be in the process of being re-shelved. A search for the material can be requested at The Desk. Users will be notified of the status of the search request within two weeks.

In-Process Materials

Materials with “In Process” status are still in the manual processing stage and will usually be available within 4 days. During normal business hours, you can request for materials to be retrieved by the Circulation/Reserve staff and processed for checkout unless the item has a requester notification.

Materials with a “1 copy being processed” message have not been cataloged or processed and may be retrieved by library staff.

Recreational materials, including DVDs, are available when all processing is completed.

Materials in Storage

You can request materials that are “In Storage” to be retrieved for you at both The Desk.

Assistance for Users with Disabilities

The Desk staff will assist if sufficient staff is on duty to do so. The Office of Disability Support Services assists any student who requests and qualifies for support.

Listening and Viewing Rooms

You can check out keys to any listening and viewing room located on the second floor at The Desk. This privilege is limited to Longwood students, faculty, and staff.

Course Reserves

Faculty may place personal and/or Library-owned materials on reserve for their students. All traditional course reserve materials are located behind The Desk. Reserve materials have limited check out periods as specified by the faculty member. Reserve materials should be returned to the staff at The Desk For more information, see:

Hourly reserve materials have been designated for Library use only and will be considered overdue by the date and time due. Daily loans will be considered overdue at Library closing on the date due.

Contact Us

The Desk phone number is 434.395.2433. See our Departments & Staff page for all Library phone numbers.