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Laptop Use Policy

The Janet D. Greenwood Library is pleased to offer laptops for use to current Longwood students, faculty, and staff on a first-come, first-served basis. The Library has both Dell and Macbook laptops available for checkout at the Desk. This service was designed to meet the growing demand for computers within the Library.

Loan Use and Liability

  • You are required to present a valid Longwood ID to borrow a laptop. Other forms of ID are not accepted.
  • No laptop will be checked out to any persons with overdue items or fines.
  • You are required to read, to agree to, and to sign the laptop loan agreement each time a laptop is borrowed.
  • By checking out the laptop, you accept responsibility for repair/replacement of items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • You will abide by the Longwood University Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources and Systems Policy 6104.
  • Laptops will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. They may not be reserved.
  • Students may checkout only one laptop at a time.
  • Laptops must be returned to a staff member at the appropriate service desk. The Library is not responsible for laptops left unattended at a service desk.
  • The working condition of the laptop will be assessed before checkout and upon its return. Users are required to report any problems experienced with the laptop during their borrowing period.
  • The Library is not responsible for lost data. ALL data is automatically deleted when the laptop is restarted or turned off.

Loan Period

The loan period for laptops is 72 hours with no renewals. (Note: Laptop clocks are not accurate and may not be used to calculate due time.)

There is a 3-hour turnaround time for maintenance on the returned laptops.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Material or Fines & Liability

  • Overdue fines are $1 an hour for each item including accessories.
  • You are responsible for returning all items borrowed with your Longwood ID card by their due date and time. When a laptop becomes overdue, ALL borrowing privileges are blocked until the laptop is returned.
  • Lost laptops and lost ID cards should be reported as soon as possible to a staff member at the appropriate service desk.
  • After 24 hours an unreturned laptop will be considered stolen or lost. Charges for full replacement value will be imposed. Campus Police will be notified and an investigation may be initiated.
  • A charge of $70.00 will be assessed for each lost power cord and adapter, camera connection kit, or VGA adapter; $50 for a lost case.
  • Damaged items are evaluated to determine if the item can be repaired or a new one must be ordered.

The Library will not be responsible for damage done to users’ external storage media or non-Library multimedia/computer equipment used with Library equipment.

Attempts to damage or alter University equipment or software are a violation of University policy. Violators of this policy are subject to disciplinary action as prescribed in the University honor code and the student handbook, in addition to possible cancellation of information technology resources and systems access privileges.

Connecting, Printing, & Saving Files

  • Each laptop is WiFi enabled; the Internet can be accessed through the user’s university wireless account.
  • Printing is not available from laptops. The desktop computers in the Learning Commons may be used to print.
  • Users must provide their own digital media for storage.
  • Users may not download executable files to the hard drive.

Personal Data & Information

  • The Library is not responsible for any information the user puts or leaves on our laptops.
  • Any data or documents saved to the laptop by the user during the loan period will be permanently erased during the restore process.

Approved August 2009
Updated January 2014