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As of January 2014, Greenwood Library is moving to a single service point model. This means that instead of having to know where to go to get the help you need, you simply need to ask at The Desk located in the Atrium nearest the doors.

Our goal is to make our help easier to get by making us easier to find. No matter if you need to check out a book or equipment or need help with research, you start at the same place – The Desk. Many of you may not notice a difference, but we wanted to let you know of the change.

Some highlights of what this means for you:

  • Everything gets checked out and returned to one place – The Desk. This includes all equipment such as: digital cameras, video cameras, projectors, iPads, and all laptops.
  • The Multimedia Lab will be open the same as before, but will no longer be staffed by student assistants, so please visit The Desk at the entrance to the library for any Multimedia questions or needs.
  • Librarians will have their doors open if they’re available, and you might see them wandering around from time to time if you need them. The desk in the Learning Commons will be vacant unless an RTA or ITC is available, so if you need help, you can chat with us or come to The Desk.
  • You don’t need to know if The Desk staff will be able to answer your question – if they can’t help you immediately, they can find out who can help you and refer you to that person.
  • Librarians will still be available to help you, and you can always still make a research appointment.

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